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     CamCard - Business Card Reader v3.0.1_20120104

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    Broj poruka : 5559
    Godina : 50
    Lokacija : Serbia
    Datum upisa : 01.08.2008

    PočaljiNaslov: CamCard - Business Card Reader v3.0.1_20120104   Sub 14 Jan 2012 - 5:39

    CamCard - Business Card Reader v3.0.1_20120104
    Requirements: Android2.x,auto-focusing camera, support Nexus?Droid?Desire and etc.
    Overview: Useful Business Card Reader

    CamCard is the best business card reader. It can capture business card images with phone-based camera, recognize the card image content, and the recognized result is automatically organized as a contact and saved into phone address book and Card Holder. In addition, CamCard contains many useful features, such as email signature recognition, QR code generation and recognition, export Excel files and etc.

    Main features:
    -Automatically trim and enhance card image before save into Card Holder.
    -Options to save into the phone/Gmail/Exchange contact.
    -Automatically recognize the language type of the card image content.
    -Automatically rotate the card image
    -Batch shooting or importing card images for recognition
    -QR code generation for the contact's content
    -QR code recognition for the contact's content
    -Email signature recognition
    -Double-side business card image capturing
    - Search contact in Card Holder
    -Export contact as vcf or Excel file in Card Holder
    -Add note
    -Password protection
    -Support Likedin invitation or search
    -Support business card recognition for English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese

    What's in this version:
    1.Enhanced Group Management: Makes it much easier to manage all cards.
    2.Introduce: Introduce your friends to each other and share cards between them.
    3.Create a card with card templates.
    4.Backup Cards in Cloud: All cards can be saved in the Cloud securely, privately and never missing a single card.
    5.Restore Card: Restore cards in case of accidental deleting.
    6.Cloud Sync across devices: Scan a card with one device, all updates will be synced across multi-devices as Android, iOS, and Web.

    More Info:
    Download Instructions:


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    CamCard - Business Card Reader v3.0.1_20120104
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